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Socket pipe fittings are relative to forged pipe fittings

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  Socket pipe fittings are relative to forged pipe fittings. Forging machine is used to exert pressure on metal blanks to produce plastic deformation so as to obtain a processing method of forgings with certain mechanical properties, shape and size.

  The main technological means of socket pipe fittings are forging. Forging means forging. By forging, the coarse dendrites and columnar grains are transformed into equiaxed recrystallized structures with fine grains and uniform sizes, which make the original segregation, porosity, slag inclusion compacted and welded in the ingot. The structure becomes more compact and the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal are improved. The production of socket pipe fittings is mainly made of mould and model, which is processed by putting metal liquid into the mould, cooling, solidification and cleaning to obtain the castings with predetermined shape, size and performance. Socket pipe fittings mainly include Forged Carbon Steel NPT Socket Pipe Fittings other products.

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