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Welding method of flange

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  The welding method of flange is left welding method, and the welding torch advances at a uniform speed to keep up and down without jumping. The welding wire is added from the front edge of the molten pool along the welded junction and close to the flange welded junction, and the amount depends on the gap and speed. Try not to add more frequently, so as to avoid the formation of weld concave during flange flat welding and weld convex during overhead welding. The principle is that the flange weld is formed at one time. The end of the welding wire is always within the scope of argon protection to avoid red hot end oxidation. The welding wire shall not extend into the molten pool to disturb the argon flow.

  The diameter of welding wire is 2.0 ~ 2.5mm, the welding current is between 40 ~ 100A, the argon flow is 8L / min, the diameter of welding torch nozzle is 8mm, and the distance between nozzle and workpiece is 5 ~ 10mm.

  Air supply 3 ~ 5S in advance during arc striking. Before arc extinguishing, the traveling speed shall be increased first, and then the arc shall be extinguished to eliminate the arc crater.

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