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Container threaded flange installation matters needing attention

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  Pressure vessel is the most widely used equipment in petrochemical industry, and is one of the main production tools in petrochemical industry. Because of the process requirements and the need of installation and maintenance of equipment internals, pressure vessels often need to be equipped with container threaded flange. Pressure vessel threaded flange is divided into integral threaded flange, looper flange and arbitrary flange according to the connection of flange ring.

  When the threaded flange is installed on the pressure vessel, the sealing structure of the flange connection is generally composed of threaded flange, gasket and fastener. This structure is a basic kind of ASTM A182 316L Stainless Steel Threaded Flange connection structure, usually used in pipeline flange connection structure or container threaded flange connection structure, in this connection structure, two threaded flanges of the same size are connected by gaskets and fasteners, between the threaded flange only sealing gaskets without other components, two threaded flanges bear the same temperature and pressure load. This form of threaded flange can be directly calculated and calculated according to the formula specified in the standard.

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