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Butt welding flange flange Peace What is the difference?

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  Butt welding flange flange Peace What is the difference?

  Butt is the interface side of flange diameter and wall thickness and tube to be welded, as the same as on the welding together two tubes.

  Flange is the interface at the tube outer diameter slightly larger than the processing point in a concave, inserted inside the tube welding.

  Butt welding performance is better, corrosion is relatively small.

  Flat welding and butt welding is a flange and pipe to connect the welding, flat welding flange welding only one-side welding without weld pipe and flange connection in mouth, butt welding flange welding installation requires flange pairs surface welding. Therefore, Flange are generally used for low, medium-pressure pipes, welded flange is used, the high-pressure pipeline connections, butt welding flange is generally at least PN2.5MPa, using welded to reduce stress concentration, the general mostly with a welded neck flange flange flange is also called a pacifier. So butt flange installation fees, labor costs and DPM fees are high, because the more a process.

  Welded flange is not all of them need to double welded inside and outside, with no special requirements for welding in general is only one outside, have not seen 1 / 2 "butt welding flange ), flat is better welding welding, as well to the vertical pipes and flanges, pipes will not be inclined.

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