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Weld outlet are machined from solid forgings

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  Weld outlet are machined from solid forgings. The quality of the fittings is critical in that they are designed to withstand higher pressures. In designing forged fitting weld outlet, the most important factors are: uniformity of wall, wide bands, sharp threads properly chamfered and unrestricted flow.

  A very important process of pipe fittings weld outlet, most of which are painted antirust paint, can be painted with two methods, High pressure pipe fittings weld outlet is to brush directly on the pipe, the other is to use a spray gun, it is necessary to clear the pipe, so that it can be painted, it can not have soil, hairs, impurities, or so on. It will affect the effect of the paint.

  Quality testing of weld outlet is very important, to see if its surface and inside is not smooth, there is no oxidation, if not qualified and reprocessing, the upper part of the pipe can not have a layer, no scars and wrinkles, some no serious scratches and small pits can be removed, in quality inspection, do not be in trouble. Must be careful.

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