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Threaded union are threaded connections

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  Threaded union are threaded connections, which are the most common fittings in industry and life. The threaded union makes the connection of the pipe simpler, and the disassembly and replacement is easier, which greatly saves the cost of the pipe connection.

  Industrial threaded union is usually made of metal, with high pressure resistance, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass and so on. The living threaded union materials are generally PC, PVC, PE and so on.

  The movable 1/2inch Stainless Steel NPT Thread Screw Pipe Fitting Union can be widely applied to pipes with different diameters, and can also be used for water meters and valves. Because of the adoption of the socket structure, the pipe union is very convenient to reduce the cost, installation, use and maintenance, at the same time, it also has high leakage resistance, and has a very good market prospect.

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