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ge marking and marking sample

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  ge marking and marking sample

  1, National Institute of Standards tags: flange should be nominal diameter, nominal pressure, the sealing surface forms of code, with steel used in series of code (with rice tube, code-named "Series 2", equipped with the British controls are not marked) and standard No. to tag.

  Tag example: DN 80mm, nominal pressure 4.0MPa (25bar) of the convex welded steel pipe flange (with rice pipe)

  Flange DN80-PN40 M (Series 2) GB/T9115.2-2000, nominal diameter 100mm, nominal pressure 5.0MPa (25bar) face of sudden neck flat welded steel pipe with a flange (equipped with the British tube) flange DN100-PN50 RF GB/T9116.1-2000.

  2, Ministry of Machinery Standard Tag:

  Tag example: nominal diameter 500mm, nominal pressure 1.6MPa, Series 2 of the sudden face flat welded steel pipe flange

  Flange 500-16 JB/T81-94

  Nominal diameter 300mm, nominal pressure 6.4MPa, Series 1 of the concave welded steel pipe flange

  Flange 300-64B (Series 1) JB/T82.2-94

  (Note: The Ministry of Machinery standard default pipe diameter series 2, welded flange Category: A-type convex, B-type concave, C-type tenon face, D-groove surface)

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