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How to deal with the roughness of the blind flange surface

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  Whether the blind flange surface is smooth to determine the sealing surface of the connection effect, in ordinary contact will have a lot of such rough blind flange, difficult to seal, so the roughness of the blind flange is very important to the sealing effect, and here share with you why the roughness determines the quality of the connection of stainless steel blind flange.

  First of all, it is clear that the surface roughness of the blind flange has a great influence on the sealing effect, especially when the non soft gasket is used, the surface roughness of the seal is the main cause of leakage.

  One of the reasons. For example, cutting the Dn1300 Stainless Steel 316L Blind Flanges is spiral. When the metal gaskets are used, if the roughness is large, the gasket can not block the knife marks.

  The spiral groove formed under the pressure will leak along the groove. The degree of smoothness of the soft sealing cushion to the blind flange surface

  Ask for much lower. This is because it is easy to deform and can block the machining pattern, thereby preventing leakage. For soft gaskets, blind flanges are too smooth

  The disadvantage is that the resistance of the interface leakage becomes smaller.

  Therefore, if the surface roughness of the blind flange is larger, we can use some soft gaskets, in conjunction with the bolt blind flange to ensure the sealing of the flange, as to how to select the flange gasket, this is the accumulation of experience.

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