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  GB12459-2006 standard is a Chinese seamless pipe fittings standard. It provided the material, thickness of fittings, tolerance of outside diameter, thickness, angle beveling etc. ANSI B16.9 is a American standard for pipe fittings. The comparison is as the following:

  All the pipe fittings sizes. In American standard the outside diameter there only have one  type. While in GB standard there have two types. Type A is the same as ANSI. But type B is very different. For example 4 inches, in ANSI the outside diameter is 114.3mm but in GB, type A is 114.3mm while type B is 108mm.

  The thickness tolerance: Both this two standards requested the tolerance of the thickness should no less than 87.5% of the nominal thickness.

  Outside Diameter tolerance. The GB 12459 from DN15 to 65 it is a little less serious than ANSI, which requested +1.6, -1.8. while in ANSI it is +1.52,-0.76. DN80 to 100, GB is +1.6,-1.6. While in ANSI it is +1.52, -1.52.

  Because the finished products normally the tolerance is less than standard requested.

  So when arrange the order, using the GB instead the ANSI. We need pay more attention on the raw material  thickness. So that control more good tolerance.

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