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The connecting of the weld neck flanges

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  If the pipe connecting the weld neck flanges manufacturers is damaged, if a section is damaged, it can be easily replaced. In this way, the whole pipe system is not replaced, and the weld neck flanges manufacturer links the pipe fittings. In the maintenance inspection of the fittings, the pipe fittings can be detached and checked in section one section. This improves the speed and accuracy of the inspection, uses the pipe fittings of the 15CrMo Alloy Weld Neck Flange manufacturer, and is closed to a certain section of the pipe. It is easy to operate.

  That is to say, weld neck flanges are used to link, such as a type of installation of the cylinder called weld neck flanges installation, for example, a rectangular body around four symmetrical holes, a large hole and the outer diameter of the cylinder are the same, the rectangle in the cylinder can be welded between them can be fixed together, oil cylinder and other ways. Other things are connected by the four holes around the cuboid, which can be called flange. weld neck flanges is directly cut out of flange on the middle plate, leaving the inner and outer diameter and thickness of the disc with processing volume, and then processing the bolt hole and water line. The weld neck flanges produced in this way is called cutting flange, and the maximum diameter of such flange is limited by the width of the middle plate. Roll flanges are made up of middle plates, stripes, and then rolled into circular ones, which are called rolls. They are mostly used for the production of some large flanges. After the rolling is successful, welding is done, then pressed, and then the process of water line and bolt hole is processed.

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