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Pipe fitting tee

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  Pipe fitting tee

  Pipe fitting tee: The minor pipe’s diameter is smaller than the main pipe.

  Bw Fitting Carbon Steel Tee is used in pipe’s branch. It’s easy to use. And it’s widely used in chemical , civil architecture, machine manufacturing. Shipping industry.

  Pipe fitting tee: the minor pipe is different from the other pipe’s diameter all called reducing tee. Reducing tee is widely used in construct and exam the petrochemical industry, petroleum and gas, liquefied gas,  power plant, nuclear power, shipbuilding , papermaking, pharmacy , food sanitation and urban construction

  The material always be 10# 20# A3 Q235A 20g 20G 16Mn ASTM A234 ASTM A105 ASTMA403, the external diameter is 2.5″-60″ ,from 26″-60″ is welding tee, wall thickness is 28-60mm.

  Wall thickness level is: Sch5s、Sch10s、Sch10、Sch20、Sch30、Sch40s、STD、Sch40、Sch60、Sch80s、XS;Sch80、Sch100、Sch120、Sch140、Sch160、XXS。

  Pipe fitting tee is a profession name, tee is linked with pipe and pipe accessories, used in main pipe’s branch. Reducing tee is a type of tee,  the tee have two different kinds of types, there are equal tee and reducing tee..  Three sides can link with pipes so we call it reducing tee.

  In industry we always request this pipe strictly, the highest pressure can up to 600 kg, the water pipe pressure always low in our life , it almost be 16 kg.

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