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Forming process of flanges

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  Blind flanges as seals and fasteners are widely used in aerospace, military, petrochemical, wind power and other fields. New technology and new technology are important measures to save energy and reduce cost to improve the quality of products.

  There are two main forming processes of the traditional ANSI B16.5 RF Carbon Steel Forged Blind Flange: one for the whole forging through the hydraulic press, which has the disadvantages of long processing time, poor quality of finished products, low yield and high energy consumption. The other is to roll forming by roller ring machine, the method is complex, the yield is low, the area is large and the finished product is processed. In the same way, there is also the disadvantage of large energy consumption. The three roll bending method is used to study the forming of large flanges, and the research emphasis is put on the relative position of three bending rollers to solve the defect that the head and tail of the blank can not be bent, and to improve the utilization ratio of the material.

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