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National seamless pipe price one week review

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  This week Northwest seamless steel  market price temporarily stable, less turnover. Steel mills, pipe factory in Shandong Province this week, part of the price increase, mainly because of rising billet prices rise, now cold drawn tubes mainstream offer 400 USD / ton, hot-rolled tubes mainstream offer 370 USD / ton, bulk prices are negotiable, which factory stock a large portion of the tube. Merchant said the return of the holiday, the weather gets warmer, demand is expected to heat up, the market mentality better, and other varieties of steel also appears certain to rise, but due to the current terms of seamless pipe upstream of the larger stock traders, coupled with the current actual turnover does not show substantial improvement, the market is still wait and see attitude obviously, continue to wait in the short term.

  Southwest Region Cities seamless pipe prices were mixed this week, market transactions in general.

  South China this week the overall seamless pipe prices stable, the market turnover downturn. Raw materials, this week, Shandong price of hot-rolled billet portion Straight up 5 USD / ton. The price of a whole stable southern China this week, poor turnover. After the Lantern Festival, the market fully opened, the recent North pipe factory price of raw materials and pull up, although demand is not released years ago in southern China due to the high prices, plus years later, despite the wishes of traders to raise prices, but the lack of terminal support efforts. Most traders in maintaining low inventory, a small increase in the overall stock market this week, there is a small market to cover short positions. Expected short-term price weakness in southern China operation.

  The spot market this week, central China seamless pipe market turnover is still subdued, rising prices individual. According to market conditions that inquiry, on the market this week, the small size seamless pipe prices pull up 10 USD / ton, the terminal procurement is still less than normal, the overall stock market volume balance, without substantial replenishment phenomenon. Optimistic about the market outlook, demand is expected to return to normal in March, it is expected that short-term price weakness Central seamless market stability maintenance run.

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