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The advantages of Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Tee

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  The advantages of Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Tee

  First, anti-UV, corrosion-resistant: plastic tee against ultraviolet and microbial violations, the water will not cause any impact.

  Second, the antifreeze heat resistance: in the case of -20 ℃, with good low temperature impact resistance,En10253 Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Tee will not crack, thawed, the pipe can be restored to the original, can withstand 100 ℃ below the high temperature.

  Three, light weight, good softness, simple construction: plastic tee weight galvanized steel pipe 1/20, easy handling, the minimum bending radius of 6D (D: tube diameter).

  Fourth, the durability is good, non-toxic harmless. Because of its polymer with polymer, molecular structure is stable, the service life of up to 50-100 years, and non-toxic harmless.

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