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The Technology Of Stainless steel tee

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  Stainless steel tee links to be prepared by the raw materials through high temperature baking, the essence of the furnace to use high-quality gray, can not be mixed with impurities with the white ash. Ingredients in the pig iron content is higher than 30%, in the exercise to try to improve the full melting of carbon, to ensure that the discharge of impurities and bubbles. The temperature of ASTM B16.9 Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Tee is higher than 1650 degrees Celsius. After the debris will be done after deoxidation. After the smelting of the aluminum particles to participate in deoxidation to make the slag white. Mix in the process with nitrogen. When the composition adjustment is appropriate for sampling analysis, until the compliance with the specifications of casting. In the ingot stripping the future, in a half hour to send casting. In the insulation pit placed 20-60 hours, when the temperature at 650-750 degrees Celsius into the high temperature furnace for heating. 

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