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Introduction of Steel Elebow

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  Carbon steel Elbow is a kind of pipe  fittings that change the fluid pipe direction. Base on the angle there have 180 degree,90 degree and 45 degree these three normally used elbows. According to the projects needs there also have  15 degree, 20 degree, 60 degree and 80 degree etc special angle degrees. Base on the bends radius there have two types: Short Radius Elbow (SR elbow) and Long Radius Elbow (LR elbow). Long radius elbow is used for building or other construction. Short Radius elbow is mainly used for ship builing.

  What is the bends radius mean and how to calculate ? Bends radius is the length of the center arc length of the elbow. Long radius is 1.5D and short radius is 1D. For example the DN200 1.5D elbow the radius length is 8*1.5*25.4=304.8 mm.

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