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Pipe Cross are also called 4-way fittings

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  Pipe Cross are also called 4-way fittings. If a branch line passes completely through a pipe tee, the fitting becomes a cross. A cross has one inlet and three outlets, or vice versa. They often have solvent welded socket ends or female threaded ends.

  Pipe Cross  can generate a huge amount of stress on pipe as temperature changes, because they are at the center of four connection points. A tee is more steady than a cross, as a tee behaves like a three-legged stool, while a cross behaves like a four-legged stool. (Geometrically, "any 3 non-colinear points define a plane" thus 3 legs are inherently stable.) Crosses are common in fire sprinkler systems, but not in plumbing, due to their extra cost as compared to using two tees.

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