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The low temperature welding principle of Carbon steel pipe fittings tee

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  The low temperature welding principle of Carbon steel pipe fittings tee

  Carbon steel pipe fittings tee low-temperature welding principle: soft soldering and brazing, heat source selection according to the requirements of the different field.

  Advantage: the operation is flexible, strong selectivity, technical requirement is lower, the deformation can be controlled well, for the mother's heat effect is small, and beautiful.

  Carbon steel pipe fittings tee cold welding method is as follows:

  1) the low temperature WE88C flux welding wire with WE88C - F.

  This time according to the structure of the welding material and welding requirements to choose the appropriate welding tools, such as no special requirements, can use soldering iron welding stick on it, because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel lower than copper or aluminum, so it does not matter if you are slightly larger, have the use of WE88C wire before WE88C -f flux welding, and the electric welding stainless steel video, if the strength of the welded structure have a bit requirements can use flame heating mode, heating tools used special WE53 porous spray gun, liquefied petroleum gas burning liquefied gas burning alone, don't with oxygen.

  2) use high silver VOD203 wire welding, the welding of the liquid is better, the only drawback is the average cost is high, this also is to use the most, are needed for the welding of stainless steel welding auxiliary VOD201 - F help solder paste.

  3) use can replace high silver wire welding WE46 special solder carbon steel welding tee

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