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Classification of ERW pipe

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  According to the different welding methods ,ERW steel pipe are divided into induction welding and contact welding , using hot-rolled wide steel coil as raw material, after pre-bending, continuous forming, welding, heat treatment, sizing, straightening, Cutting and other processes, compared with spiral welded pipe with short weld, high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness, surface quality, high pressure, but the disadvantage is that only the production of small and medium-diameter thin-walled tube, weld prone to gray spot , Not fusion, groove-like corrosion defects. At present ,the application of a wide range of areas is the city gas, crude oil transportation.

  ERW pipe, as one kind of welded steel pipes, is popular among consumers for transporting low pressure fluid. You can use it for many different applications. There are various kinds of ERW pipes for your selection both at home and abroad. The ERW is made from hot steel metal actually.

  API 5L Gr.B DN 200 welded steel ERW pipe for gas pipe line moves through the welding electrodes since it involves flattening of the steel and passing it through a hot furnace. The copper disk type is connected to a secondary assembly of revolving transformers whose main function is to attach on each side of the seam. It makes it possible for temperature being raised up to the welding point. When the tube is leaving the electrodes, the outer flash is removed during the process. The air hamer can wipe out the inside flash when the tube has been cooled. End product can be called ERW pipe, which is short for electric resistance welded pipe.

  ERW pipe or electric resistance welded steel pipe is used for different purposes both in domestic and commercial sectors. The ERW pipe can be classified into general pipes, galvanized pipes, metric pipes, roller tubes, automobile tubes. The main function of ERW pipe is for transporting low pressure fluid. There are some methods to testing the bending and flattening capacities, like surface quality.

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