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How to reduce galvanized Stainless pipe fitting tee defective rate

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  The first is to control the quality of equal banded galvanized malleable stainless pipe fitting tee at the source. Everyone knows that every model of equal banded galvanized malleable iron pipe fitting tee is the same in the production, because a model of a set of tools, but if the quality of the pipe is not the same, but we can not see their different points from the meat eye and then a force squeezing, and finally some models may be squeezed. But some models haven't been formed yet, so we can't control the reduction of defective products.

  Second, even inspection, and even the inspection, the damage of the moult is also an important factor affecting the damage of the three pass, of course, the investment of a set of fetal tools is very large, and it is difficult to avoid the damage caused by the renewal of the tooling.

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