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Concentric Reducer market price

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  Concentric Reducer market price

  But the department managers and market participants think, the current two grade steel price rebound is transient, and there are many uncertain factors in the market outlook: domestic grade two steel market transactions this month than the pre active, and because the Department area two grade steel tight supply, Hebei area pipe or steel pipe manufacturers resume procurement, the increase in demand, purchase price corresponding progress, grade two steel market is the market price rise slightly.

  A recent Concentric Reducer, market prices fluctuate, impact on steelmaking raw materials market. Judging from the current situation, as long as the economy belongs to the scope of controllable risk within, not on a hard landing, or the government will reduce interference, inheritance and implement the transformation of economic structure. If the second half of the economic trend downward float to the surface, will Daobi government hedging policy, is the second half of the economic level and the biggest uncertainty. But the rebound in steel prices at the same time, the business generally feedback terminal demand remains weak, the rally was classified as steel artificial pull up, attract the wait-and-see approach to hoard goods trick. Market price of raw materials may be fluctuating level downward, the first half of this year the growth rate of fixed asset investment is not as expected significantly increased. Grade two steel market sector area available for tight resources, promote progress of grade two steel mills purchase price. Furthermore is the iron and steel industry internal tension enterprise funds problem, especially at the end of the steel trade to call to the steel, there is strong pressure on the withdrawal from circulation of funds, the steel price increase is extremely unfavorable. Because of grade two steel market continued to weaken, the lower the price, some operators engaged in grade two steel business is not only the situation of poor sales, but also benefits continue to shrink, unprofitable, even a slight loss, to avoid business risks, enthusiasm for recycling, processing of grade two steel is not high. Overall, if the country without major positive policies implemented, steel industry as a whole to stage a weak format to change, the imbalance between supply and demand, profit margin compression, pressure of credit and so on will inherit the Daobi the strength of small enterprises was annexed, exit which may result in steel capital to the tense situation according to statistics the first ten days of June Concentric key enterprises Nissan Reducer weight of 1731000 tons, the ten day growth of 1.3 percentage points. The current level of nearly 2200000 tons over the same period in 2012, an increase of about 10 percentage points, significantly more than China's GPD growth rate, makes the already existing iron and steel industry excess supply one disaster after another. At present, the market of East China of two steel and Concentric Reducer the price for 950 yuan ~ 1000 yuan / ton, compared with the pre shrunk.

  Two, the markets of the North Concentric Reducer prices rose slightly, and steelmaking raw materials price differentials are still 400 yuan / tons, small and medium-sized steel no profit space, basic to suspend the procurement of raw materials. In the big environment of weak background, Concentric Reducer does not have to do more than the premise, recommended to maintain short idea, 20 day moving average above may try to sell short. Plus 6 at the end of the 7 month and is just prepare payment and financial payment point, lack of money was also exacerbate market activity to a certain extent, "money" will be continued at least to 7 month. On the one hand the downstream industry in itself the withdrawal from circulation of funds ability under the condition of insufficient, the bank Xidai will further restrict the progress of project financing in June two quarter credit assessment is the trade bank deposit scale of time, short-term deposits red scale causes the market funds more scarce, the cost of funds rose can hardly be avoided. According to our cost model formula, cost and profit of Concentric Reducer were estimated, entered in 2014, Tianjin and Shanghai are basically in the continued loss of position in June after the Dragon Boat Festival, with the domestic steel, iron ore prices, steel prices should be potential rise, Department of city and even the emergence of seal base to sell situation, beyond market expectations. The expert thinks, steel mills continued loss of time has adjacent limit, production be imperative, but because the ore price vulnerable hedge power steel production to a great extent, the ultimate underproduction dynamics remains to be see. But on the contrary, the raw material market remains sluggish.

  Three, again, the state-owned banks and large private banks to the centre for economic policy "optimistic misreading" cause of reckless lending, bank lending rate hit 15 points high, while the central bank and the State Council is clear, not inject into the activities of "rescue" policy, resolutely carry out the interest rate marketization process. Recently, Concentric Reducer price trend than other commodities stronger, hovering in the 20 day moving average around due to the presence of more uncertain factors, is expected in July two steel market overall will gradually tend to not disorderly. Price changes in market prices of steel and two steel, raw materials, raw materials, spread later grade two steel market. When the 2014 mid-term, Concentric Reducer output always maintain high in fact, steel prices fell after the whole months, because a number of varieties of steel prices dropped in recent years low, the market inventory really thrown down significantly, in the cost constraints, the market most businesses that the late succession fell sharply with very limited space, steel prices are at the bottom of the shock process at any time, the bottom may be thrown. The recent increase in mill, cut, to raw material, grade two steel demand reduction. This shows that the two grade steel delivery of some of the steel is not ideal. We can see that the contradiction between supply and demand be in suspense, denounced Concentric Reducer price low and China steel industry is closely related to the.

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