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Production and processing method of pipe tee

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1. Forging
That is to use forging machine (rotary type, connecting rod type and roller type) to punch and stretch the end or part of the pipe to reduce the outer diameter.
2. Stamping
The taper core is used to expand the pipe end to the required size and shape. This operation is carried out on the punch.
3. Roller

For round edge processing, place the core in the pipe and press the outer circumference with rollers.
4. Rolling
It is suitable for the inner round edge of thick wall pipe. Generally, there is no mandrel.
5. Bulging
        The rubber is mainly put into the tube and compressed with a punch at the top to make the tube protrude and form; Filling the middle of the pipe with liquid and bulging the pipe into the required shape by the pressure of the liquid.
        In addition, there is another processing method of using mold to produce pipe tee. The mold includes upper mold and lower mold. The lower die is provided with a processing cavity, the upper die is provided with a processing block matching the shape of the processing cavity, and the processing cavity is a horizontal T-shape. In addition to the T-shaped intersection, the cross-section intersection of the processing cavity is semicircular, and the opening of the cross-section is located on the upper surface of the lower die, which changes the processing mode of the tee pipe and processes two semicircular tee pipe fittings one by one. The opening of the pipe joint is welded to increase the contact surface between the two and reduce the difficulty of welding. In addition, the semicircular tee fitting is easy to be placed on the ground without swinging, which further improves the processing stability. It avoids the situation that the traditional nozzle is easy to roll in the processing process.

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