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Flange marking and marking sample

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  ge marking and marking sample

  1, National Institute of Standards tags: flange should be nominal diameter, nominal pressure, the sealing surface forms of code, with steel used in series of code (with rice tube, code-named "Series 2", equipped with the British controls are not marked) and standard No. to tag.

  Tag example: DN 80mm, nominal pressure 4.0MPa (25bar) of the convex welded steel pipe flange (with rice pipe)

  Flange DN80-PN40 M (Series 2) GB/T9115.2-2000, nominal diameter 100mm, nominal pressure 5.0MPa (25bar) face of sudden neck flat welded steel pipe with a flange (equipped with the British tube) flange DN100-PN50 RF GB/T9116.1-2000.

  2, Ministry of Machinery Standard Tag:

  Tag example: nominal diameter 500mm, nominal pressure 1.6MPa, Series 2 of the sudden face flat welded steel pipe flange

  We are capable of manufacturing various pipe fittings. Our main products scope: steel elbow, tees, bends, reducers, caps, forged flanges and sockets. We have been in this line for over 20 years. Our products are exported to many countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America etc. Our pipes and pipe fittings enjoy a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets. Every year, hundreds of foreign visitors and innumerable domestic visitors come to our company for business cooperation.

  We have first-class inspection devices, perfect detecting means and well-trained specialists. And we stick to ISO9000:2000 quality system and efficiently control procedure in production. We have confidence that we can supply the best quality products. We would like to take responsibility for any quality uncertainty. Even so, our price is competitive. Besides, we can provide the best service to you.

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