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  The following tips could make the difference between a successful buy or a disaster when purchasing direct from Chinese flange, pipe and fitting manufacturers. China has some of the best manufacturers in the world but also some of the worst and everything in between. Therefore, when purchasing due diligence is essential.

  1.Get at least 3-5 quotations & aim to get the best price from the middle, do not ever buy from the cheapest source in China. If you do, the experience may prove costly.

  2.Make sure that the manufacturer is able to meet all your required standards & certifications. Do not assume that the fact they are able to provide you with copies of these certifications mean the quality of the goods will be assured. Know your manufacture.

  3.Mill Test Certificates are important but only as good as the factory who produces them.

  4.Beware of Chinese Q235 steel posing as ASTM A105. If the flanges or fittings being quoted are 15-20% cheaper than the other guys this could be the reason. Also beware of flanges and fittings being quoted as ASTM A105 Grades 1 and 2 or A and B or I and II etc… ASTM A105 has no such grades. This is also Q235 (or worse) posing as ASTM A105. There is nothing wrong with Q235 steel, it just does not meet ASTM A105 specifications.

  5.Forged steel flanges, watch out for blinds made from plate being passed off as forged.

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