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The flange can meet the connection between pipes

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  Compared with the traditional pipe, the composite pipe improves the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat conduction function of the pipe, adheres to the purity of pipe data, and extends the service life of the pipe. When the pipe rack and engine are installed, flange will not affect the hoisting of hoisting equipment and the height of pipeline. Generally speaking, in the process of steel production, from electric furnace steel to stainless steel

  The energy consumption per ton of steel is 280 kg;. It is the axial length compensation of common axial bellows expansion joint and pipeline.

  Flange Street connects all kinds of containers. It is the most basic and common process pipeline connection method. Sometimes it is necessary to put the elbow in the narrow area, such as the part about the pipe, because the radius of curvature of the bend is small, generally 6 and 40.

  The flange can completely meet the interconnection between pipes, bring us a close connection effect, and also bring ultra-high product functions. It can effectively reduce the leakage and leakage, so that we can easily get the best application conditions and win the best product functions through the use of new parts. The traditional method does not crack in the welding process. For general drainage pipes, the primary presentation pipe shall be of type, and the drainage riser and drainage branch pipe shall be selected.

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