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Stamping pipe fitting elbow technology

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  Stamping pipe fitting elbow is mainly used to connect pipe fittings, which can play an important role in the development field of this product and set sail with technical level. The processing technology of stamping pipe fitting elbow has the following characteristics: in the production process, it is produced according to the following technology:

  1. It is suitable for high-rise buildings with high water pressure.

  2. The double clamping pipe fitting will not cut the rubber ring when it is inserted into the pipe.

  3. When used in stainless steel pipe system, the dimension precision of double clamping pipe is improved, the error of pipe is allowed to increase, and the adaptability is strong.

  4. The double compression type rubber ring is sealed in stainless steel material, the rubber ring is obviously improved, and the double compression type rubber ring is extruded evenly on the left and right, and the sealing ring will not be extruded from the side with double water pressure, which makes up for the deficiency in the application process of single compression.

  5. At the double clamp joint, when the pipe is bent and deformed by external force, the sealing ring will not be affected. It is an upgraded product of stamping pipe fitting elbow type clamp connection technical performance, technical index and technical level.

  Parameters of stamping pipe fitting elbow

  The technological parameters of stamping pipe fitting elbow need to be used according to the production mode and method. The stamping pipe fitting elbow produced and processed has good use characteristics and advantages, and plays an important role and value in use. In the production of stamping pipe fitting elbow, we often encounter some different factors that affect the performance and process of stamping pipe fitting elbow. The process parameters that affect the geometry of stamping pipe fitting elbow are: the material, wall thickness and outer diameter of the blank for pushing, the material and shape of the mandrel head, the heating temperature and its distribution, and the pushing speed. Different factors have different effects on the performance of stamping pipe fitting elbow. In use, it needs to be used in accordance with the corresponding ways and methods. The specific use value and role of stamping pipe fitting elbow in use.

  Stamping pipe fitting elbow is made of malleable cast iron, which is used to connect water supply pipeline, steam pipeline, gas pipeline and oil pipeline. The color of the stamping pipe fitting elbow is black, with right angle bending, good quality, easy to damage and not easy to damage. Stamping pipe fitting elbow specification for 1 / 2-10 inch, products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power and other industries pipeline installation, installation, supporting services.

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