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you need to ensure that the steel pipe you use to the highest possible quality

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  We would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers and Exporters of Pipe Fittings such as 45o, 90o and 180o Elbows, Bends, Equal & Unequal Tees, Stubends,carbon steel pipe fitting & Concentric Reducers, steel elbow ,Caps etc. in Seamless and Welded quality in Stainless Steel, NACE, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Duplex, Coupro Nickel, Monel, Copper, Titanium, Aluminium And Non ferrous materials. Fittings are manufactured as per National and International Codes and Standards. We also manufacture special type Bends with PE Coating and fittings as per customer specification and drawings.

  As a quality construction company or public service contractor, you need to ensure that the steel pipe you use in construction is manufactured to the highest possible quality for your customers, and in production processes or utility installations. You need a steel pipe manufacturer who takes quality as seriously as you do. Valiant Steel is the premier steel pipe manufacturer and supplier of steel pipe products. Our range of steel pipes includes quality pipe piling, a range of sign poles, protective bumper posts, and utility casing pipe up to 4" thick. At Steel, we specialise in the manufacture of rolled and welded large steel pipes and in coating steel pipes to high specification for corrosion control.

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