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Processing technology and operation advantages of bend

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  In the process of bend, the new technology of free bend is mainly used in the automobile industry. The bend is completed by the direction feed through the guide die and bend die, and the bend die is connected with the guide die through a ball bearing. When bending, the direction of ball bearing can be changed.

  Free bend process has many advantages, such as fast bending speed, even in the case of multiple or spiral bending with little transition, it can be formed completely according to the custom bending geometry without re clamping the pipe fittings bend. Moreover, it is especially suitable for bending profiles and pipes, which makes free bending more suitable for the manufacture of automobile bend parts.

  Because of the limitation of piping space, the bend technology with zero bend radius has been successfully developed by using the method of combining bending processing with hydraulic pressure when manufacturing heat exchanger such as air conditioner and hot water device. The die is composed of upper and lower dies. Steel pipes are inserted into the upper and lower dies. Internal pressure is applied in the pipes.

  The upper and lower dies move relative to each other under the action of thrust, resulting in zero radius bending of steel pipes. In order to prevent local fracture during bend deformation, pressure is applied at both ends of the steel pipe. Selecting appropriate internal pressure, pressure and die moving force can reduce the possibility of forming defects in the process of bend, so as to obtain high-quality bends.

  The technology of medium frequency induction local heating of bend is the most advanced technology in the process of large diameter thick wall pipe bending which is internationally recognized. To a certain extent, it is a kind of local heating steel pipe with electromagnetic induction. To a certain extent, it can control the appropriate thermal deformation area by spraying water or cold air, and guide roller is used to support and guide, and the pipe is clamped by the rotating arm The front end part is a method of pushing the rear end of the tube to bend and form. This new process has the advantages of high quality, beautiful appearance, accurate bend radius and wide application range, simple process equipment, high productivity and remarkable economic benefits.

  To a certain extent, bend has been widely used in the processing of large-scale pipelines in power plants, chemical equipment and other equipment.

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