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The factors that affect the quality of pipe bends

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  The factors that affect the quality of pipe bends

  Pipe bends  means the bending radius equal or above 3D. Pipe bends’ material that most commonly used is carbon steel. And there also have alloy steel and stainless steel. When the bends factory to produce the bends, what will affect the quality? I summery the reasons as the following:

  1. The steel pipe. The surface corrosion condition will affect the bending radius  precision and surface outlook.

  2. The bends mould whether is meet the pipes well. Too big or small will also affect the precision.

  3. Pipe bends mould precision is another very important factor. Except using the right pipes to control the thickness and others using a right and exact mould is also very necessary.

  4. Raw material pipes wall thickness. When bending the bends inside wall thickness by the inward force the thickness will be thicker. On the contrary, the back arc wall thickness will be thinner than the raw material.

  5. Heating treatment. After bending, the hardness will be increased. Low down the bend hardness need doing heating treatment. Carbon steel pipe bends normally no need do but if clients requested then must do. The alloy steel pipe bends, we must do this treatment.

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