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stainless steel elbow pipe fittings industry must reverse development ideas

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  The current domestic industry development direction must be reversed, slam the door and so on, rely on, to thought. Now part of pipe fittings factory has begun to overhaul, from before the full production to production, but the impact is relatively limited production, the market does not yet have reversed the basis of the condition. Whether maintenance, restricting output production, only when the crude steel output real qualitative decline after a certain period of time, you can really alleviate contradiction between supply and demand, pipe market will turn around.

  Factory production capacity is the key of the lending bank monitoring or not. Once the blast furnace production, enterprise cash flow problems, the Banks would withdraw loans, steel mills will get into financial difficulties, and keep high become of steel mills. Iron and steel industry all poor earnings, are reversed transmission steel energy-saving gradually open the market. Represented by sintering waste heat boiler steel energy-saving equipment technology is mature, and obtained the general recognition of the steel mill. According to the personage inside course of study to estimate, steel and waste heat boiler burning market space of more than ten billion yuan, related equipment manufacturer has good prospects for development.

  We have adopted advanced production equipment and technologies to manufacture our pipe elbows and pipe caps, which can not only improve product quality, but also save raw materials. Our products have high strength, good toughness and resistance to corrosion.

  At present, China's pipe fittings industry overcapacity situation remains very serious, plus a slowing economy, weak market demand, these affect the market's basic contradiction is not solved, so the prices recover strength is not strong, high temperature and rainy season in the July and August, there is little possibility of last two or three months.

  One of the elbow is fitting. Hot bend is made by hot pressing process of a bend. Hot bend manufacturing standards can be divided into the national standard, the electric standard, water standard, American standard, Germany standard, Japanese standard, the standard and so on. Hot pressing elbow for pipe need to change direction, so the application is very extensive, mainly used in chemical, civil, construction, industrial production and other fields.

  Our company specializing in the production of hot pressing elbow, hot bend pipe is heated with professional equipment processing molding, then cut heated to above the critical temperature, heat preservation after a period of time quickly into the quenching medium, the temperature plummeted, at greater than the critical cooling rate produced by rapid cooling method of the elbow.

  High pressure Angle is not only good compressive capacity, in different pipeline system also need to have other good qualities. For example, in the conveying pipeline, slurry pipeline of high pressure elbow not only has to withstand the high line pressure, but also has good wear resistance. In chemical raw materials in the pipeline system pressure elbow, in addition to the pipeline under high pressure, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

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