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Threaded flanges has good use value and function in use

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  Flange has a good use value and role in use, according to the corresponding ways and methods to use, to avoid certain quality and function problems in use. The threaded flanges size will be reduced in use. The reason why the threaded flanges size is reduced is that the diameter of the seal is reduced, which will reduce the cross section of the sealing surface.

  Secondly, the ANSI DN6 Stainless Steel Forged Threaded Flange gasket has been replaced by the sealing ring to ensure that the sealing face matches the sealing face.

  Flange connection method is suitable for pipe fittings with diameters of 32-315mm. In order to install socket extension and shortening pipe connectors, anchor pipe clamps must be used to fix them in order to prevent the socket position from moving during thermal expansion and cold contraction. At least one socket extension and shortening pipe must be installed on vertical vertical pipe between floor and floor, long distance collecting pipe network and buried pipe. Generally used in pipelines, loosening bolts can rotate both sides of the pipeline, and then tightening can be more convenient to disassemble and assemble the pipeline material is threaded flanges called large threaded flanges. This is because the socket extension and shortening pipe can not only eliminate the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the temperature change in the drainage process, but also help to connect with the branches of various floors, making the installation of the pipe simpler.

  Flange is a kind of flange product with good process characteristics and performance. It can show good value and function in use and overcome the shortcomings of traditional threaded flanges. Flange is the connecting device of two large diameter pipelines, usually two threaded flanges with several fastening bolts. Flanges are flanges made of carbon steel. Low carbon steel has good plasticity and low strength. When carbon is added, it will become hard and its plasticity will decrease and strength will increase.

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