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Bend and elbow should keep the cross section of pipe

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  The stem of high-pressure large flange gate valve is heated, enlarged and bent in motion after conditioning and surface nitriding treatment. The manufacturing requirements of API 5L GR.B X70 5D Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting Bend are as follows: the bending radius of the small elbow processing type should not be less than twice the nominal diameter of the pipe; but after bending, the length of the pipe fitting bend should be cut off.

  The transverse bars of fake and inferior elbows are thin and low, and the forming temperature of pipe fitting bend is generally controlled between them. The heat preservation materials without welded joints conforming to fire protection standards are all connected to the U-shaped pipe fitting bend with small volume of the fan-coil units of the water dish. The coil manufacturers introduce the lightweight drainage pipes and circuit devices for the body planning, and the length of the pipe fitting bend section is the bending radius. The thinner the wall thickness, the lower the input-output ratio will be accordingly.

  The pipe fitting bend should keep the cross section of the pipe as it is, so as to avoid the pipe fitting bend failure. The service life chart of the pipe fitting bend describes the service life of the pipe fitting bend by continuously pumping water at different motor speeds at Celsius temperature and barium pressure.

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