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Notices for welding stainless steel reducer

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  Stainless steel reducer have certain corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, such as oxidizing acid, air and other substances, usually used in power plants, chemical industry, petroleum and other equipment materials. However, the weldability of stainless steel reducer is poor, and attention should be paid to welding process, heat treatment and the suitability of welding rods, which have a great impact on stainless steel reducer.

  The size of stainless steel reducer saves working procedure and time and reduces the cost of workpiece. ASTM 316L Seamless Ss Eccentric Pipe Fittings Reducer can replace part of the machined products, and is lighter than the machined parts, castings and forged structural parts in weight and material saving. The welding rods used in stainless steel reducer should be kept dry when they are used, the titanium-calcium type should be dried at 150 ~250 ~C for 1 hour, and the low hydrogen type should be dried at 200~250 ~C for 1 hour to prevent sticking oil and other dirt in the welding rods, so as to avoid increasing carbon content in the welds and affecting the quality of the welds.

  The material used for the head of pressure vessel must match the vessel. Otherwise, it would be a big problem if they could not be welded together. Although the two materials are called different, there is no problem in welding. The material 304 and 304L of the head made of stainless steel reducer and the material 321 are not very difficult to weld.

  Stainless steel reducer are widely used, so welding of stainless steel reducer should be strictly carried out to ensure the safety of use. The use of stainless steel reducer is affected by heat treatment and welding rod.

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