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How to improve the circulation of carbon steel tee?

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  Phosphorus makes the eutectic point of pig iron move to the left, which can dissolve liquid pig iron and reduce the solubility of carbon in liquid pig iron. But in solid pig iron, the solubility of carbon in solid pig iron is limited, and with the increase of carbon moisture content and the decrease of temperature, it decreases. It does little harm to graphitization, decreases the strength and ductility of carbon steel tees, and improves their strength.A234 Wpb Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Fitting Equal Tee also improves the fluidity and castability of carbon steel tees, but increases the shrinkage, casting defects and cracking tendency of carbon steel tee.

  For steel castings, the quality performance of phosphorus is less than 3.0%. Phosphorus in nodular cast iron does not harm spheroidization, but it can melt in molten iron to reduce the eutectic carbon content of iron, carbon and manganese steel, so it is harmful to the original elements. Copper makes the mechanism high density, and decomposes and improves the uniform distribution of graphite, which can not only reduce the white tendency of pig iron, but also reduce the critical temperature of austenite change, decompose and enhance ferrite, which is beneficial to cross-section sensitivity.

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