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What is the difference between flat welded flange and welding socket flange?

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  In HG, the standard of flat welding flange and welding socket flange is different. In addition, the flat flange is a concave with a slightly larger diameter than the outer diameter of the pipe, and the pipe is welded in it.

  Features of various flanges:

  Socket flange suitable for small diameter, high pressure, high temperature pipe connection,especially ASME B16.5 Carbon Steel Welding Socket Flange.

  Flat welding is like butt welding with a convex platform with a groove on it, and then the pipe is stuck in it.

  The socket flange is without a convex platform, and a groove is opened directly on the flange body, like a hole in the blind flange, and then a groove is opened.

  The welding performance of flat flange is better than that of socket flange.

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