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The Introduction of oil casing pipe

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  The Introduction of oil casing pipe

  API J55 K55 Oil Casing Pipe is steel pipe used for transporting oil. We can provide API casing pipe

  with high quality seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe and hot rolled steel pipe with numerical control thread.

  Shengtian oil casing pipes conforms to API Spec 5CT, and thread confirms to API Spec 5B.Oasis can manufacture φ114.30mm-φ339.72mm(4-1/2~13-3/8″)LTC, STC, BTC  threaded oil casing pipe with different steel grade, wall thickness.

  Casing and tubing pipe is used to stabilize the well, in order to make sure that

  the whole well can work smoothly.We also can design and produce casing and

  tubing of stainless steel series for our clients.

  API/ISO Casing and tubing material: H40,J55,K55 M65,N80,L80, P110,Q125 etc

  API/ISO Casing and tubing size: 2 3/8inch - 20inch

  We also can manufacture other special connection type according to clients' requirement.

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