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Butt weld steel flanges purposes

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  Butt weld steel flange: used for the corresponding flange and welding, the reasonable structure, strength and stiffness is bigger, can withstand high temperature and high pressure and repeatedly bending and fluctuations in temperature, sealing is reliable. Nominal pressure for 0.25 ~ 2.5 MPa butt weld flange type sealing surface. The bump

  My company has the advanced production equipment and various testing equipment, the production equipment including size each lathe, forging bed, to enlarge the hole machine etc, testing equipment and testing room Germany import spectrometer, laboratory. The products of the company according to gb, Japanese standard, Germany standard, American standard, British standard standard production, etc. Special specification according to customer requirements, annual production capacity, produce stainless steel flange 2500 tons, 1500 tons of carbon-steel flange, stainless steel strip steel 1500 tons, stainless steel Angle steel, flat steel, the distant two thousand tons. It may be said in the industry manufacturers. Excellent flange

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