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We primarily provide industrial pipe

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  A standard pipe tee joins pipes of the same diameter, though some may work with reducing connectors. When the pipe tee includes a reducer, it can be used to join pipes of different diameters to one another. The tee must be chosen carefully to fit each pipe, and also to meet the project requirements for temperature and corrosion resistance. The diameter and wall thickness of the tee must match pressure and flow requirements. Local plumbing codes often specify the types of fittings that should be used on different types of projects to ensure a safe and effective installation.

  We primarily provide industrial pipe,industrial tube fittings and industrial flange.Our products are strong and sturdy,highly resistant to corrosion,and are carbon steel pipe fitting and steel elbow certified.They are used in a wide range of industries and applications,like electric power,petrochemical,chemical,pharmaceutical,boiler,heating,shipbuilding,etc.Due to we high quality and low price,our industrial pipes,flanges,and pipe fittngs,are exported to Poland,Italy,India,Thailand,Korea,Brazil,Spain,Middle East and South America,and so on.

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