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the national seamless market prices

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  This week the national seamless pipe market prices were slightly up, poor trading performance. 26th  Feb (Fridays), according to International steel development  data: 21 major cities 219 * 6mm specification seamless average price 441 USD/ ton, from Friday (February 19) The average price of 441 USD / ton, up 1 USD / ton.

  East China market this week in most parts of seamless slight increase in prices, price stability maintenance in some areas, up 2 USD / ton. East Φ108 * 4.5 now offer in 460USD / ton, Φ219 * 6 offer in 467 USD / ton. Market turnover performance in general, details are as follows:

  Raw materials: Hot-rolled billet market prices this week, Shandong Granada rose about 8.5 USD / ton, transactions in general. As of press time Friday, Luli reported 305 USD / ton, Pot well 310 USD /ton  , Jiang Xin 308 USD / ton, the price including tax. Jiangsu week of hot-rolled billet prices edged up 10 USD / ton. As of press time, 20 # Huaigang reported 357 USD / ton.

  Feedback from the market to understand the current market, the overall turnover is still not fully open, most traders for seamless pipe prices continued to show a trend of the future and see attitude. Since this week, prices of raw materials continue to pull up and prices rose Linyi area, most businesses began to offer up, but did not improve market transactions, in addition, in the actual operation businesses also retain some concessions space. In terms of stock, due to the current poor market transactions, they are more cautious in stocking process, only some of the common specifications supplement, has no intention to increase the total inventory.

  We have adopted advanced production equipment and technologies to manufacture our pipe bends and pipe tees,which can not only improve product quality, but also save raw materials. Our products have high strength, good toughness and resistance to corrosion.

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