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Pipe elbows share related technology

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  Pipe elbows share related technology

  Pipe elbows the technical requirements of geometry size including outside diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness. Also require control curvature radius. Such as the length of the radius of 1.5 D, then the radius of curvature must be within the tolerance range of required. Because most of these pipe fittings are used for welding, in order to improve the welding quality.

  End all the car into a groove. Some of the customers is the flat, such as customer does not indicate the requirement is groove.

  Leave a certain Angle, with a certain edge.

  This one is more strict, the side more thick.

  Angle deviation range has a regulation, for how much and geometry size more than the pipe fittings on many items. The surface quality and mechanical properties of the basic and the pipe is the same. In order to convenient welding, and is connected the pipe steel grade is the same. Fourth, is all the fittings should be after surface treatment.

  The iron oxide on the surface of the inside and outside through shot blast spray out, then coated with anticorrosive paint. This is both for export purpose, moreover, to prevent corrosion in domestic is for the convenience of transportation, have to do this work. Fifth, is the requirement for packing.

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