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The kinematics of steel pipes rolling phenomenon

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  The kinematics of steel pipes rolling phenomenon

  The continuation of rolling process for steel pipe rolling and reducing process. steel pipes rolling is a steel pipes with mandrel movement process in the multiple frame, and steel pipe deformation and movement of the rollers and mandrel work together. Can is a free floating mandrel, also is all by metal drive forward movement; Can also be a limit of lift, that is, to a speed of rods, limit the freedom of movement. In the process of movement, the mandrel, roll and steel pipe connection into a whole, the change of any one of these links will cause the change of the state of the system as a whole, and rolling theory is the theory of study of the relationship between them.

  The kinematics of steel pipes rolling phenomenon

  1, kinematics phenomenon

  2, sliding phenomenon

  3, tension coefficient

  MPM motion analysis

  1, the displacement of the rolled piece and the mandrel

  2, frame and its determination

  3, intermittent rolling analysis

  4, single rolling mandrel movement characteristics

  The deformation and stress in steel pipes rolling

  1, internal stress analysis of tandem rolling

  2, wall deformation and stress analysis

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