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· Nominal Pipe Size,Outer Diameter,Nominal Bore [2015-04-24 Hits:35]
There are two common methods for designating pipe outside diameter (OD). [READ]
· The material of the flange divisional [2015-04-24 Hits:10]
When strong corrosive medium, flange contact medium for the part of the corrosion resistance of high grade material such as stainless steel and other materials [READ]
· Steel Pipe and Fittings Applicable Standards [2015-04-23 Hits:36]
Steel Pipe and Fittings Applicable Standards [READ]
· Insulation flange principle of work [2015-04-23 Hits:20]
Using insulation of the flange gasket insulation and high strength JueYuanTao cushion performance of the electric insulation insulation flange on both sides of the electrical insulating work. [READ]
· Long and Short Radius Elbows [2015-04-22 Hits:22]
Long Radius Elbows,Short Radius Elbows,Long and Short Radius Elbows,Wrought Steel Buttwelding Fittings,Hebei shengtian pipe-fitting group Co., ltd [READ]
· The continuous development of the flange new technology [2015-04-22 Hits:8]
The quality, prestige is the company of each employee's motto of the continuous development of the flange techniques to meet the demand of customers is our collective desire. Customer requirement is our precious experience. [READ]