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· Seamless Steel Pipe [2015-04-28 Hits:15]
Seamless Steel Pipe,High-pressure boiler pipe,Low and mediumpressure boiler pipes,Fertilizer making equipments,High-pressure seamless pipe for petroleum cracking [READ]
· Forging the basic information of the flange connection [2015-04-28 Hits:7]
The two pipes and pipe fittings or equipment, their first in a fixed flange plate, between two flanges, plus the flange mat, bolt together, completion forging flanges connection. [READ]
· Seamless Tubes and Seamless Pipes [2015-04-27 Hits:20]
Is seamless tubes and seamless pipes are the same? [READ]
· Because of the extensive use of the flange [2015-04-27 Hits:15]
 Because of the extensive use of the flange, use according to different characteristics of the range decide, used for medium mild conditions, such as low voltage the purification compressed air [READ]
· Nominal Pipe Size,Outer Diameter,Nominal Bore [2015-04-24 Hits:35]
There are two common methods for designating pipe outside diameter (OD). [READ]
· The material of the flange divisional [2015-04-24 Hits:10]
When strong corrosive medium, flange contact medium for the part of the corrosion resistance of high grade material such as stainless steel and other materials [READ]