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Characteristics of large diameter butt welding elbow in construction

2021-07-08 09:02:04   Comment:0 Hits:
  1.the butt welded elbow has weld. After the welding operation, the butt welded elbow needs to carry out anti rust or anti-corrosion treatment according to the actual situation or the external environment of the pipeline, so as to avoid the elbow corrosion or corrosion at the weld. In this process, the quality of butt welded elbow before use should be clarified.

  2.generally, butt welded elbows are welded on the site of pipeline construction. This is because the welding standards of various pipelines are different, so it is necessary to carry out on-site welding according to the pipeline welds. It is necessary to carry out on-site welding for different pipe welds, which is another feature of butt welding elbow.

  3.butt welding elbow is mainly used for connecting two sections of pipes with different end radius, or for pipe diameter modification.

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