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Quality inspection method of thermal expansion of seamless steel pipe

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  To ensure the quality of thermal expansion of seamless steel pipe, need to pass quality inspection can enter the market for users. The general is the use of eddy current, magnetic flux leakage testing and ultrasonic detection of three kinds of method to complete the quality inspection work.

  Eddy current testing is based on electromagnetic induction theory, does not require a coupling agent can be automatically detected in one hundred percent of specimens, so the heat expanding seamless often use this method to complete the quality inspection work.

  Magnetic flux leakage testing is based on a kind of nondestructive testing technique of iron magnetic material magnetic change. Because when the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, for the defects in the surface of magnetic leakage field, therefore can be used by magnetic flux leakage inspection of the product.

  Ultrasonic testing is to detect defects for ultrasonic testing purposes and to measure the relevant standards for ultrasonic detection purposes, the former have automated testing and manual testing of two, while the latter only manual measurement, so it has been widely applied.

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