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Advantages of pipe union

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  1. Pipe union strength is high: According to the principle of cold work hardening of steel, the strength of straight threads rolled on steel bars is greatly increased, so that the tensile strength of straight threaded pipe union is higher than that of steel bars.

  2. Stable performance: The connection process of Standard Forged Female Thread Pipe Union is not affected by the quality of workers, so stable performance.

  3. Fast connection speed: Because of the way of out-of-site prefabrication and on-site assembly and connection, the prefabricated pipe union can have a large amount of prefabricated reserves in the steel bar stacking yard. When the construction period is tight, only additional assembly workers are needed at the construction site.

  4. Wide range of applications: There are basically no restrictions on the application of the model, and it is more suitable for the platform where the bending pipe union, the fixed steel bar, the reinforcing cage and other reinforcing bars can not rotate.

  5. Easy to manage: there will be no mismatch between sleeve and reinforcing bar, and inspection is more convenient. The operation is simple, and the ordinary worker can become a skilled worker after several hours of study.

  6. Significant economic and social benefits: shortening construction period, improving project quality, reducing energy consumption, conducive to environmental protection, reducing equipment investment, low additional costs, with obvious economic and social benefits.

  7. Low labor intensity: Processing a silk head only needs one step to complete on a special rolling machine.

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