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The characteristics of the pipe fitting tee link

2018-06-28 15:32:28   Comment:0 Hits:
  1. the pipe fitting tee passes have excellent corrosion resistance. The thin and firm oxide film on the surface of stainless steel makes stainless steel excellent corrosion resistance in all water quality, even if buried has excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for various water quality. In addition to disinfection and sterilization, it does not need to control the water quality. At the same time, there is no corrosion and excess exudate. It can keep the water quality pure and sanitary, eliminate two pollution, and can withstand the high flow impact of up to 30 meters per second.

  2.A234 Wpb Seamless Carbon Steel Reducing Tee links have excellent mechanical and physical properties. Stainless steel pipe is very strong, it is 2 times of galvanized pipe, 3 times copper tube and 8-10 times of PP-R tube. It can withstand vibration and shock well. It has the characteristics of no leakage, no burst, fire prevention and aseismatic, so it is very safe and reliable. At the same time, the thermal insulation performance is good, especially suitable for hot water transportation.

  3. Pipe fitting tee pass has long service life. The field corrosion test data indicate that the service life of stainless steel pipe can reach 100 years, and the stainless steel pipe almost does not need maintenance. Therefore, its performance price ratio is very good, the operation life cost is low, and the economic benefit is remarkable.

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