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The price of oil casing pipe

2018-11-15 15:45:39   Comment:0 Hits:
  The price of oil casing pipe are affected by the raw material and the producing cost, the stock quality and the market. Recently the cocking coal price increased 200 RMB per  ton. This will force the oil casing pipe up. Our factory is mainly produce 1/2 inch seamless carbon steel oil casing pipe. Even though our stock is full and the market is a little bit slow but the prices of oil casing pipe must be increased. Before the new year there is no any sense the prices can come down. So we advise the clients to place the order ASAP. The time is money for both of clients and us. Our oil casing pipe have been export most parts of the world. Cooperate with us will not let you down. Waiting for your try orders.

  How a industrial factory interfere in this field ? The reason is we care, we follow our credit. We had been accepted by our clients. Once again I have to say. Credit is the first step on the road to the top glorious of business.

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