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Traveling Log-Nancy

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  We were very happy going on a Chengde city tour in the morning on 4th July. With the 6 hours driving time, we arrived on beautiful Chengde City. After picked up the local guide, it was lunch time, then, after a simple lunch, we started on traveling.

  The first station is Summer Resort. We took a picture in front of the gate and enter to the first big door. The Emperor Qianlong came to here to be away for the hot summer. And there also had some teleplays shoot long time ago. It includes the Princess Huanzhu TV. We took a tour on the Qianlong living building. It looks like not so grand and prosperous like the movies. But the leader worked hard and get in return. We should learn from them. There were so many cameras working in the tourists hands. After visited the building, we came to the mountain parts. We took the bus in the mountain. I admired the bus driver very much! The mountain road is very steep, and have so many high sharp, the bus tour was really very thriller. The first day is going to the end, we try our best to climb the little mountain. We settled in the center of Chengde city and greet the tomorrow coming.

  The second day was coming, we have 4 hours to go to the prairie, and the scenery is the same as our minds. The green mountains, running horses on the prairie and white clouds closed us and mountains as if we can touch easily! We traveled on the prairie and played in the amusement park, enjoying the sunshine and green scenery. Soon, we finished the joy, and as the leading of our guide, we arrived at the lightning river on the prairie. The river is not as clean as our imagination. But the stone on the side of the river are very beautiful and comfortable. The night was really happy. We had the bonfire party, bake a whole sheep and singing until midnight. That is wonderful!

  The last day is coming, we were very tired, but the beautiful mountain attracted us extremely. The, we forgot how tired we were and climbed to the top. To be surprised, the mountains do not have the top, we through one by one mountains and as the same as the old saying. One mountain will be higher than another. The scenery on the top is the most beautiful. The breathing can be heard very clear and the air is very fresh as well.

  In a word, The Chengde is really a great city. Like the people heart can hold all tolerance. Along the way, we learned we should have the unity; we are a team and also a family.

  Hope to take the luck to us after the traveling from Chengde.

  The harder, more fortunate!

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