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Precautions for coating anticorrosion of carbon steel socket flange

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  1. this is a very important process for carbon steel socket flange parts. Most of them are painted antirust paint. They can be painted in two ways. One is to brush them directly on the pipe. One is to use a spray gun. It is necessary to clear the pipe clean so that it can be painted. It can't have soil, hair and impurities on it. Otherwise, it will affect the effect of the paint.

  2. must clean the ASME B16.36 Carbon Steel RF Socket Flanges, it can't have mud on it, to see the original color of the pipe, to see the production date of the paint, can not be used for a period of time, if the paint is very sticky and thick, it is necessary to dilute it first, then apply it again, after mixing it, you can use it.

  3. quality testing is very important, to see if its surface and inside is not smooth, there is no oxidation, if not qualified and reprocessing, the upper part of socket flange can not have a layer, no scars and wrinkles, some no serious scratches and small pits can be removed, in quality inspection, do not be in trouble. Must be careful.

  4. carbon steel socket flange paint in the workshop without wind, the surface of the pipe should be painted on the surface of the pipe, and uniform, and uniform, both inside and outside are such, not some painted, some places are not painted, after the coating, put the pipe in accordance with the specifications, and so it naturally dry, if not dry, do not move them.

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